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Flourish Graphic

Flourish Graphic

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The definition of Flourish in the Merriam- Webster Dictionary is

1. To grow luxuriantly: Thrive

2a. To achieve success: Prosper// Flourishing Business 

2b. To be in the state of activity or production

3. To make bold and sweeping gestures

When praying for a business name that spoke life into our business and to each and every person that comes in contact with us the word Flourish couldn't fit anymore perfect. It was a word that to me felt like I never really heard much. When I read the part in the definition where it states "to achieve success: Prosper// Flourishing Business" I instantly knew that is what we needed to name our business. God tells us to speak life over ourselves and into our situations. More than speaking life into our business we want to speak life into you. I want you to flourish in every season of life. I want you to see your full potential. I want you to wake up everyday and choose to speak life over yourself in every season. Even in the rough seasons. I want you to flourish in all you do. 

>Comfort Colors 

>Maddie and Baylee are Wearing Size XLarge

>Morgan is Wearing Large 

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