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Change the Narrative Graphic

Change the Narrative Graphic

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Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. This shirt was designed to be a reminder when life gets hard or you find yourself in a frustrating season to change the narrative. We don't have to go through the rough seasons or days with a negative mindset. Changing the narrative from negative too positive will help you live this life with so much more happiness. We aren't in control of a lot of things but we can control how we handle things. Might as well handle them with a happy heart instead of an angry heart. My end result with this shirt is when life gets hard don't get stuck there frustrated and angry instead change the narrative. That doesn't mean that the situation might not hurt as much but it means that we can choose happiness even when life gets hard. God gave us free will. We get to wake up everyday and make the choice on how we will act in that day. 

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