Get to know us and our why behind Flourish Clothing Co.🦋

Get to know us and our why behind Flourish Clothing Co.🦋

Hi there sister! I am Morgan. Co-owner of Flourish Clothing Co. I have the honor to do this business alongside my Momma aka Mindy. You'll often hear me refer to her as Mighty Mindy. As well as referring to myself as Moe-Money. A little cringe I know but it's fun! 

We officially entered the boutique industry in December 2020 but under a different name. We were originally Willow + Root. The name had a lot of spiritual meaning but the spiritual meaning didn't speak to me. Toward the beginning of 2022 I really felt it in my heart to start praying for a new name. A name that I was confident speaking. A name that spoke life into not only our business but to every woman that we encounter in person and online. That's when God started putting the word Flourish in front of me. And when I say in front of me I mean literally. I still remember when I was on the fence about the word and telling my mom about it. During church one day our Pastor word for word as one of his note takers points says: "God made you to Flourish" The sermon was already speaking to me but after that I was glued to the sermon. I was like okay God I hear you. You know, one of those sermons that you lean in as if you and the pastor were having a one on one conversation. It was wild but it gets better. Not only had God been putting the word Flourish on my mind but He kept putting the vision of butterflies with the word Flourish. Every time I would think of the word Flourish I would see butterflies elegantly, danty, calm, and so beautifully fluttering around with so much peace. After the service later that day I was scrolling through instagram and the church had put some of the key points into pictures. When I slide over to the "God made you to Flourish" I was in awe. In all its' simplicity they added the touch of butterflies. After that day I was about 90% sure that was the business name God wanted us to have over our clothing store. Then I started digging into the definition behind the word Flourish. The part that stuck out to me was "To achieve success: Prosper// a Flourishing business." I then went into scripture. That's where God sent me to Psalms 92:12 NLT

But the godly will flourish like palm trees
    and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.

A palm tree symbolizes victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life. A Cedar tree symbolizes being strong, durable, graceful, and beautiful. Spiritually the Cedar tree symbolizes healing, purification, and spiritual protection. 

All glory be to God because He took the time to make trees that speak to us. Maybe not literally but metaphorically. My main goal with Flourish Clothing Co. is for you to find your story. To Flourish in life. To speak life over yourself. To choose life. That's why I started designing shirts with life giving words on them. Some to even challenge you. All because I want you to live this life to the fullest. To truly know Jesus. To speak life over yourself. To find your style and stick to it. Style is an art that we all draw out differently. So don't be afraid to be different. 

I'm Morgan Faith Barham and I get the honor of doing this business along side my Momma. We pray for you. That you are blessed, favored, and anointed. That you see your beauty. That you are Flourishing in all areas of your life. We hope this brand speaks to you. We are thankful for you sister. 


Flourish Clothing Co.


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